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A beatitudes Catholic Creatives film project




8beats seeks to transcend the polarized and shallow status quo with meaningful, evocative films that invite viewers to reconnect with their humanity and recover their essential hope.

Media today can numb us with flashy colors and superficial themes. The news cycle can paralyze us as we get caught up in its noise. Our conversations avoid vulnerability for fear of further pain and usually stay within our echo chambers.

8beats is different. This film anthology adapts Jesus’ most subversive teachings—the 8 Beatitudes—into raw narratives that probe what it means to be human. We want to give you immersive art that is both refreshing and thoughtful. We want to break down barriers society has built, telling multi-dimensional stories that engage human complexity and diversity rather than shy away from it . We want these films to inject empathy, start dialogue, and reassure us that, at this moment in time, hope isn’t just possible—it’s present.

We look back at ancient wisdom to look forward with renewed humanity.

Gather with us around a powerful idea: that hope and humanity persist despite suffering, and that there’s room at the table for every story. Watch films that matter by ordering a Blu-ray today.



8beats is a film anthology split into 8 short films from 8 different teams.

Over 75 filmmakers, designers, and artists formed regional teams from Canada to Texas to create 8 short films that, when woven together, use ancient teachings to shed light on modern humanity.

Each short film examines one of the 8 Beatitudes and portrays its themes of happiness, suffering, and the search for meaning through narratives of various genres.

8beats was inspired by the dialogue begun by Polish director Krzysztof Kieślowski’s acclaimed ten part anthology The Dekalog (1989), which wrestled with the Ten Commandments and their implications to man’s modern existence.


8beats offers compelling artistry in a variety of stories and genres. Because of the structure of the project, the short films were each produced independently and thus offer unique cinematic styles particular to the regional teams. This engaging film format has something for everyone.

The stories place raw human experience at the forefront, allowing each short film to unfold the Beatitudes’ significance to provoke personal reflection. Many movies make an end of themselves; this project enlivens viewers for a richer inner life and moral thoughtfulness.

The unitive theme of 8beats places love and humility as central virtues, and as the ultimate victory over violence, oppression, and shame. This anthology seeks to start constructive dialogue in order to heal communities for greater peace. It’s the perfect jumping-off point for courageous conversation and transformative action.

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